guestHub effectively tracks & measures the conversion-driven influencers for your marketing campaign

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What is Guesthub?

guestHub is all in one—contest, reward and analytics— tool to discover influencers & increase conversions for any campaign site such as Eventbrite.


Our contest-and-reward plug-in can be integrated with any campaign and event registration platform. Custom contest increases participation and helps uncover new influencers.

  • Enable traceable sharing on any platform
  • Allow participants to personalize invitation to others
  • Motivate influencers to quickly spread the word
  • Increase interest & participation across the web
  • Entice & uncover new influencers


We reward conversion-based influencers - participants whose recommendations resulted in customers conversions and connect businesses with their most trusted customer referral sources.

  • Motivate participants to quickly spread the word
  • Boost conversions by enticing influencers to spread the word
  • Distribute rewards based on measurable impacts
  • Deliver custom rewards that matter to your audience
  • Discover appealing rewards based on actual conversions


Our detailed reports identify where, how and what cause the word-of-mouth to spread online, measure the impact of your campaign in real-time.

  • Identify direct influencers of every conversion, plus visualization
  • Measure performance of each activated marketing channels
  • Provide crucial insight to eliminate any marketing spending leaks, and reduce unnecessary marketing blindness
  • Fine tune your campaign on-the-go based on real-time insight
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We got more customers converted to participate in our test drive event...
... tracking layer upon layer of social networking to find out whose endorsement holds real sway
... platform-agnostic approach to identifying consumers who are influencers to their peers
Hary Novianto
CMO, Volkswagen Indonedia
Columbus ALive